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We support portable pooling plots.

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100 Gbit connection for downloads.
7 days to download a plot.
150+ plots in parallel per order.

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Join Chia farming with us. Get your plots today and start farming.

Fully automated

Our systems start plotting for you automatically after your order is paid.

Online delivery

You receive a download link for your plot to start farming Chia quickly.

Secure by design

Only you have access to your plots. The public keys prevent us from using your plots.

Volume discounts
Reach out to us in case you'd like to plot 2PB or more. We have discounts for you.
Quick turnaroud time
We deliver most of the orders within 2 days.
Enterprise SSD
To achieve quick turnaround time, we use only the fastest enterprise SSD disks.
Friendly customer support
Not sure how to start farming your plots? Reach out to us. We're happy to help.

What's new

  Thank you for your continued support

Jul 18, 2021
We see the market for Chia plots is stagnating both in terms of Chia netspace and Chia price. Regardless of the situation, we're happy you enjoy our plotting services and continue showing us your support. We're humbled and greatly appreciate our customers value what we have built 🚀 Thank you

  Pool plotting is now enabled

Jul 08, 2021
Starting today you can plot using your pool contract address. Pool plots allow you to join and switch pools easily. Enjoy this great release from the Chia team!

  🚀 Support for pool plotting!

Jul 06, 2021
Pool plotting support is here! With the expected release of Chia 1.2.0 early July, you can reserve your spot for plotting using pool contract address and get your plots first. Once pool plotting is released, we will start plotting the reserved orders.

  We run our own plotting servers

Jun 30, 2021
Thank you all for the great support you're giving us 👌 To give something back we're happy about our new AMD EPYC servers we just deployed. This adds additional 30TB/day capacity for your orders and you can now enjoy faster plotting times. We run our own plotting farm and are constantly working on increasing the capacity for you.

  Automated uploads to your harvesters

Jun 12, 2021
Running your own harvester online? Let us upload plots to your harvester and get a discount on your plots. Reach out to us via live chat or support email to share credentials.

  Increased maximum plot count in an order to 10.000 plots 🚀

Jun 1, 2021
Could not get enough plots for your hard drives? Now you can submit an order with 10k or more plots in a single order. Enjoy 150 parallel plotters working on your order!

  Download speeds increased. Now with 4gbit lines!

May 24, 2021
Don't feel like slowing down? Enjoy faster download speeds in all our locations. We have upgraded our capacity to 4gbps so you can download plots even faster.

  More capacity with new servers 🎉

May 17, 2021
We have just added another 16TB / day of capacity to fulfill all your orders. The parallel limit per order has been increased as well to deliver your plots even faster.

  Support for EUR currency is here!

May 14, 2021
We have listened. EUR currency is here. You can choose the currency you want to pay in. We also added support for transfer to our IBAN bank account directly.

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